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The 7th Art competition by people who are over 70 “The older we are, the younger we feel”

グランプリ 天衣賞 塔本賢一《Hello》アクリル、糸ほか(73歳 京都府)
グランプリ 天衣賞 塔本賢一《Hello》アクリル、糸ほか(73歳 京都府)
Term March 04(0),2017 〜 April 09(0),2017
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Adult ¥ 600

The Older you Get the Younger you Feel

We are proud to hold our 7th exhibition of works by artists over 70. These unique exhibitions have been part of our plans since the museum began.

For the first exhibition in 2003, we wrote of “a world not grandiose but beautiful, not gigantic but powerful, not overly technical but overflowing with technique”, and called on elderly artists for works that cannot be reduced to artistic theories. We wanted to see the world painted from many years of experience. Over the seven exhibitions we have received 3,284 works from 2,899 artists.

For this exhibition we received 440 from 40 prefectures around Japan, and after careful consideration we are displaying 109 prize winners and selections.

Matsumoto city is taking many initiatives towards its image for the future as a healthy sustainable city. This exhibition embraces the power and radiance that art has in extending healthy life expectancy. We hope you enjoy the beautiful world painted by these artists in their seventies and beyond.

Finally we would like to thank all those who sent in works or art, and everyone else who has made this exhibition possible.