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Hosokawa Munehide Special Exhibition

hosokawaHosokawa wrote in an essay, “It is good that only one piece of the act of creation has remained. Human spells which can never be obliterated survive there. Works that weather and crumble still exist with importance, and insist themselves into the space of today.

This time we show the works of Hosokawa Munehide, sculptor.

He was born in Matsumoto City in May, 1930. After graduating from Suwa Seiryo high school, he learned sculpture at Tokyo Art College and became a sculptor.

In 1968 he was sent to the U.S. as an overseas trainee by the Cultural Affairs Agency and visited the ruins of the Maya in Mexico. He saw the semi-embodiment style and modern Western abstract art there first hand. After his return, looking for his own original style in Japanese art and culture, he searched for expression in sculpture.

The forms which were carved out by the time now stand before us.

It is our pleasure if you appreciate these works of weathered beauty.