Term May 26(Tue),2020 〜 July 12(Sun),2020

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9:00ー17:00(Admission is until 16:30)
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Exhibition Hall Temporary Exhibiton Room
Admission Fee
Adults 1,100 YEN
University and High School Students, Senior citizens of Matsumoto City(70 and over) 700 YEN
  • Below Junior high School Student: Free
  • Disabled Person with a Handicapped Passbook and 1 Helper: Free

Yunoki Samiro is a textile dyeing artist with strong ties to Matsumoto City and the Folk Craft Movement that has flourished here. Before the second World War, he enjoyed college life at the former Matsumoto High School (now Shinshu University). After the war he visited Matsumoto several times to climb mountains and to hold solo exhibitions. We can find his works and designs around the city even today.

Yunoki was the second son of Yunoki Hisata, an oil painter in the western tradition. He painted since he was a child and this allowed him to get work at the Ohara Museum of Art, where he found out about the Folk Craft Movement, and was impressed by Serizawa Keisuke’s Katazome (Stencil dyeing). He stepped into the life of a textile-dyeing artist and his humorous random shapes and rich colors have fascinated many people. He is now 97 years old, but still continue to work every day at a studio in his house. His recent attempts to arrange clipped patterns at random are distinguished from the traditional techniques which repeat the same motifs. After the age of 70, he energetically began to work on drawings, lithographs and three-dimensional moldings while continuing with dyed works.

In this exhibition, by focusing on his latest works, we introduce Yunoki’s versatility, his sentimental eye and tenderness towards the things of daily life. We are proud to present to you Matsumoto-specific works which were produced through the association of Yunoki and the city.

We most sincerely thank the artist and collectors and express sincere gratitude to everyone whose support make this exhibition a reality.


April, 2020


Matsumoto City Museum of Art