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Request to Visitors

In order to have the art museum enjoyed, you are asked to observe the followings to protect works. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please do not inconvenience other visitors according to an official’s directions.

Sound reverberates easily in an exhibition room.
Please view as calmly as possible not to cause other visitors’ trouble. The footwear causing loud sound, such as wooden clogs or high-heeled shoes, should be taken care of.

Please do not carry the umbrella in the hall. Please use the umbrella stand at the building entrance.

Please do not touch an exhibit, an exhibition case, and a wall. Please ask a receptionist’s to keep a big load, or keep it in a coin-operated locker.

Please refrain from the use of mobile phones in an exhibition room. Please cooperate with a setup to a silent mode.

The eating and drinking inside the hall are prohibited. Moreover, refrain from the appreciation while eating chewing candies or gums in the mouth.

You can only use a pencil. Since we lend pencils at a receptionist’s desk, please let us know about it.


A photograph and the video photography in an exhibition room are prohibited in principle.

Please do not run inside the hall. Please hold a small child’s hands and walk along.

Smoking is prohibited inside the whole building.

The admission accompanied by a pet is prohibited.