About us

As A Museum Open to the Public

The Purpose

Encouraging the citizens’ artistic activities and contributing to the civic life rich in high culture, expressed in the Civic Charter, this Museum aims to mediate worldwide and culture, and to set a foundation to create new art.

Basic Character

This Museum is rooted in the local community, and a place where the citizens can improve themselves.

Four Major Components

This museum is composed of four basic elements :
Appreciation – Performing the basic function of a museum, this museum provides exhibiting facilities suitable to enjoy artistic materials.

Representation – Supporting the praise of the artistic inheritances in the local community and the creation of new artistic works for future developments is the other major function of this Museum.

Learning – In order to promote life-long education, this City states “To be the square of leaning.” This museum contributes to this Purpose as the base for learning artistic fields.

Communication – Adding to the place for appreciation, representation and learning, this museum serves as a center for international exchange in the local and global scale.

From A General Perspective

Considering rich cultural inheritances, such as Matsumoto Castle(National Treasure), and Former Kaichi School(National Treasure), and the beautiful natural circumstances, represented by the northern part of the Japan Alpen and Utsukushigahara, as major factors, this Museum makes efforts to encourage general art, such as fine art, music, and playing, rooted in the local communities, from a broader perspective.